[Dc404-Chat] Remote NetKoTH. Separately, Freeside Funding Drive

npcomp at npcomp.net npcomp at npcomp.net
Sun Apr 12 22:46:54 PDT 2020

Hey All,

TL;DR:  --------
Thing 1: I set up a remote/always on netkoth thing. Be careful
your scans don't leak out your connection if you play.

Thing 2: Some folks on here may be familiar with Freeside Atlanta.
Their rent got jacked, they are moving, and could probably use some
monetary help. I only mention this because their PR department isn't
here, and I know a bunch of DC404'ers were founders.
/TL;DR -----------

Two emails for the dispatch of 1! First, and perhaps most fun for this
group, I set up a remote netkoth. I mentioned it near the end of the
April 2600, and brimstone has poked at it a bit (proved it is scorable,
at least). This is still a WIP, but it would be great if more folks
poked at it. Docs are also a WIP, but the crux of it is as follows:
To connect to the limited network, you must have the wireguard vpn
software installed. Docs for installation can be found here:

On a linux/bash system, you should be able to download the following
script to generate a key and connect:
If that doesn't work for you, let me know maybe I can give some

Afterward you should be able to run `wg` as root, and see a peer like:

peer: 3iEAhDeXoR/iAyHnyCftBCUhvSWyOJTsEiwu8rAAqCw=
  allowed ips:
  latest handshake: 2 seconds ago
  transfer: 92 B received, 180 B sent
  persistent keepalive: every 25 seconds

You will also get an IP address in the range. You
should from there be able to hit the scoreboard ( and the
targets. This network is (an attempt at) being super locked down, but
try not to hack the infra. If you do hack the infra, let me know, and do

*** IMPORTANT FOR NOVICES *** When you are attacking over a
non-airgapped network like this, it can be tricky to keep your scans,
etc from leaking out to unintentional networks. BE CAREFUL. Let us know
if you need help. I am working on a way to hit kali boxes on the
network, so you can use those as launch points to pivot from within the
boundary if you are more comfortable with that, but that is TBD.

This service comes without warranty expressed or implied, it is for fun
only and subject to whims of nature, the upstream provider, myself, and
probably anybody who can root these boxes. I am not responsible if you
catch the COVID by connecting to this VPN.

Second part of this mail is about freeside. Several DC404-ers were former
freeside members. Their rent got jacked up, so they had to move. This
sucks. But, they signed a lease on a new (yay!) much bigger (yay!) more
expensive (boo!) place. They are in the middle of doing buildout, and
may be running low on funds, etc. I don't know how touch-and-go it is at
the moment, but they are doing stuff, and have a discord and a go fund
me. They are Atlanta's oldest public hacker/makerspace, and here is
their website: https://www.freesideatlanta.org/

Stay safe out there everybody!

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